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S.M. Entertainment U.S.A. "SMT Dosirak" Packaging Design
I created the concept and design for S.M. Entertainment U.S.A. packaging for food take-out boxes.
Groundwork Coffee Co. "Three Organic Stories"
Packaging design done for Groundwork Coffee Co.
Groundwork Coffee Co. "Angel City Tote"
A tote bag pattern design made for Groundwork Coffee "Angel City" blend!
Fiori del Tempo "Silk Twillies"
A collaboration project with leather goods shop: Fiori Del Tempo. The patterns were done in minimal watercolor as well as intricate inkwork to fully capture the aesthetics needed to be on silk twillies.
Fiori Del Tempo "Silk Scarves"
A collaboration project with leather goods shop: Fiori Del Tempo. The pattern was inspired by my long-haired Dachshund: Doby.
Bob Baker Marionette Theater Vol. 2 "A la Mode"
I did an illustration of "Polar Bear" for the Bob Baker Marionette Theater and had it appear in Volume 2: A la Mode.
Gelato Zine Club "Nintendo Issue"
A pattern I had done for the "Gelato Zine Club" Nintendo issue.
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Doby in Seoul
My two weeks of Quarantine life in S. Korea depicted by illustrating my dog: Doby.
Tiger Recipes
Recipes done by a Tiger
kkachi main
Sometimes known as The Oriental Magpie, but known to me and many others as the national bird of S. Korea. I fell in love with the bird for its playful nature, and colorful wingspan during flight.
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Utada with Flowers

Artist Utada Hikaru with a half-drop repeat pattern of flowers in the background.