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Kagoshima Sun Royal Hotel

In this post I'll elaborate more about the hotel I had stayed in: Sun Royal Hotel.

It's a bit farther away from the main train station and malls than other hotels in Kagoshima, but it provides with an excellent view of the volcano (which I later learned was active at the time of our stay, and had erupted three years ago).

A cute crane welcomed us in our room.

Along with the complimentary yukata.

They even gave away samples of the volcanic ash (which is sitting peacefully on my desk as I write).

The hotel shuttle take you to the main station and malls, and has a scheduled time and stops- there are a lot of buses going to and fro at the hotels so just make sure to look out for "Kagoshima Sun Royal Hotel" in front of the bus and you won't miss it.

Another visit to the mini-mart which showed boba. We should have prepackage boba drinks in L.A.

I tried this drink because it reminded me of a Korean drink I love: Sikhye. It was thicker in consistency and more yogurt-flavored though- I might try it again the next time.

My "snacks":

I preferred the flavor of milk in Seoul more than Kagoshima, but the packaging is cuter in my opinion.

A brief view from our bus at night.

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