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Brooklyn The Burger Joint

Ironically despite I being the U.S. citizen and my father being the Korean citizen it is he who loves and at times craves hamburgers viciously at times.

There is a burger chain called: Brooklyn The Burger Joint scattered around Seoul which is a tad expensive compared to the burgers provided in the States, but decent in taste, decor and service.

They also provide English menus for foreigners.

The utensil cover cutely describes how to eat a hamburger. One does not use forks on a hamburger like a philistine.

I always get fascinated with the typography of the different languages.

I had picked their signature burger, but many opt to get the burger cheese skirt burger (which is what I had eaten the last time). I would recommend either, but would suggest to only eat the cheese skirt stomach on an empty stomach as I had barely finished it the last time.

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