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Starbucks at Halloween

A lot of the times when you're travelling overseas you'll find that the Starbucks back in the States... back in the place where they originally began... is perhaps the most boring and bland Starbucks. The Starbucks that are available overseas such as in Seoul are perhaps one of the cleanest and cutest.

While we do have special drinks once in a blue moon such as the unicorn frappuccino (which I felt tasted like glitter- not a bad taste), we certainly don't amp up the cuteness like they do with the holiday drinks served in Seoul.

Look at these:

While I don't necessarily have a "sweet-tooth" I would never pass up on such drinks that are within my access. Look at those ghosts! And this cookie shaped as a shovel!

And these tiny bones that were probably chocolate but melted altogether too quickly as I was trying to eat the "dirt".

While there are certainly many cafes and coffee houses in Seoul that are great one cannot ignore that Starbucks knows how to serve the masses.

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