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Mom's Touch

Of course in every country there are exclusive restaurants or cafes. One particular fastfood chain I've come to visit every time I go to Seoul is: Mom's Touch.

I'd like to know more of the backstory to the restaurant's beginning, as I can't think of any of my friends' mothers having cooked chicken burgers and fries on the regular for their children, but it serves as a cute design aesthetic nonetheless- such as this door handle shaped like the company's logo: an apron.

Their most popular burger is called "Thigh burger" and admittedly my favorite as it's the part I enjoy the most on a chicken.

One thing you'll note is the wrapping of the burger is unlike the way most fastfood chains wrap their sandwiches, and it might be because the wrap itself is shaped as a triangular pocket than a flat square piece.

My sister once stated that one of the best things about traveling is to see the small differences in fastfood culture. I agree and I hope whoever is planning to go to Seoul sometime in the near future try out the burgers at Mom's Touch if they haven't already.

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