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Jam & Bread

I had briefly mentioned Jam & Bread in my last post, but I thought the bakery itself deserved more recognition despite its loyal customer base.

When you enter the bakery which is located at the back of the area there is are tables for eating and also a fridge and display section.

The fridge has goods such as foreign butter and homemade jams and chilled cakes or bread for purchase.

Some cute unique decor such as this milk pail:

The section dedicated to displaying the breads or pastries of the day. I highly recommend their loafs and ciabatta:

If you choose to dine-in there's a small menu of sandwiches served with soup, salad and coffee:

Again, another cute and quirky decor:

You can find the carrot cake bread in the fridge, as well as the chocolate bread.

The scones are also soft and very fairly priced for the taste. The cinnamon bun isn't always available early in the mornings, and so I was happy to be able to eat it at least once.

Their coffee is also very well prepared and nicely roasted. I like to drink it whenever it's possible, and thus it was only appropriate that I would drink it while I draw their breads:

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