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Salt House

While a butchery isn't hard to come across in Seoul, a Western-styled one is- one that involves salami and cured meat, that is. Thankfully, there is one famous and good one located in Bukchon: Salt House.

You can find their prepackaged assortment of meats in a clear fridge display onto the right as you enter the restaurant.

Pâté is one of the products I look for immediately at a butchery.

You can also dine in and try one their awesome sandwiches if you want to try their meats cooked and prepared. The sandwich is "Italian Hero" for those that are curious, and is basically a cold cuts sandwich. It's fulfilling, and the sesame seeds on the bread complements well with the meat.

A haul of what I had brought home and coffee and bread from Jam & Bread- for bread I highly advise that you go to Jam & Bread, as you will have a hard time finding a more reasonably priced bakery that includes quality. I will make a post about their bakery in a future entry.

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