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Bless Roll

There's a lovely cafe dessert shop in Pangyo called Bless Roll.

The highlight of this cafe is its colorful ice creams and cakes:

I know one or two friends who would appreciate the gummy bear cake, or as it's called on display: Haribo.

You can buy the individual slices if eating in or just taking out for a small party.

The packaging is cute and rather regal for the playful cakes.

It went along nicely with one of the last dinners of 2019.

I was surprised at the raspberry filling as the display had been with milk filling, but it seems that that roll cake in particular is always with raspberry filling, as I perused the store's catalogue.

Despite my initial surprise I had taken a liking to the taste, as it reminded me vaguely of the Flinstone's pushup sherbet treats I had eaten as a child.

They also gave a get one plus one americano coupon. I had almost thrown away the small gift had I not been a bordering hoarder that usually inspects a discarded pamphlet thrice before disposal.

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