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Seoul Design Fair

This event happened before the Seoul Illustration Fair and I really regret not posting in a more timely manner, but better late than never.

It wasn't as packed as the Seoul Illustration Fair, but perhaps that served as an advantage since my attention was divided equally and I took my time longer in certain booths unlike with the Illustration Fair where I couldn't give as much of my consideration due to the sheer number of the participants and consumers.

While it's known that I don't drink I couldn't help but notice this design:

Makgeolli goes well when paired with many things, but especially with Korean-style pancakes like pa-jeon. It's also one of the "healthier" alcoholic drinks (I also side-eye people when I hear that phrase- but it really is one of the healthier ones).

You can purchase and also see more of their designs here and here.

The next design I'd like to highlight is an illustration product: ggdeongo

The name is from the romanization of mackerel in Korean. A favored fish in S. Korea, and eaten in a variety of ways, but mostly served grilled or braised in spicy sauce.

This was their amazing mascot.

Unfortunately, I was too shy to take a photo with her after having a child take one before me (but next year I'll be braver).

This design shop uniquely took recycled milk cartons to make products such as coin wallets, cases, phone covers, and etc.

It seems the company itself is based in Japan, but they have a website that links to their products: milky project

Lastly, I leave you a photo of one of my purchases:

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