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Seoul Illustration Fair 2019

This is another post that happened several days ago, but I thought not as many foreigners hear about this event, and it definitely is one worth checking: Seoul Illustration Fair.

Sadly, it only happens once a year, but its popularity will make it an event that will continue for some time.

In particular this artist and his work caught my eye:

The artist shyly said this one took him the longest:

I do hope to catch him again next year. A link to his work for those that are curious: 32_threetwo

Another artist that drew a crowd was a Finnish designer who actually had the time to sit down and do live-drawings for eager customers:

His art hopes to bring more light and knowledge to mental illnesses. A link to more of his work: cup of therapy

A quieter but definitely interesting booth was this artist. I unfortunately wasn't able to linger much due to time, but I thought she had quite a charming style.

To see more of her work click here: Soo Jung

Hopefully, I will be able to participate rather than attend for the next year.