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Bangsan Baking Market

Currently, I am in S. Korea at the moment working alongside a dear and cherished friend. The time spent with her has been rewarding, and while I find joy in seeing the patterns and designs I make come alive through her; my subconscious leads me outside onto the streets to find my other joy in life: food.

Thus, I happily share my experience at Bangsan Baking Market.

If you live in Seoul long enough you'll quickly realize certain ingredients and tools for baking aren't as commonplace as they are in the U.S.- but do not be disheartened! A lover of baking will be able to find most of whatever they seek at Bangsan Baking Market:

Baking pans and trays of every kind and sizes.

Cutters of every shape.

And other baking essentials such as food coloring and ingredients such as butter or chocolate chips.

This shop in particular had cute trays such as the one below:

I, myself, was in the search of a bread pan, as I wanted to attempt baking homemade bread for the first time. I found one for ₩8,000, and was happy with the results it produced:

I hope this inspires others to visit the place, as I also hope to go back (and get the fish-shaped baking tray).

And Merry Christmas to everyone (from Seoul).

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